• Palau 04 - Bracelet
  • Palau 04 - Bracelet

Palau 04 - Bracelet

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Last, but not least, our Palau 04 bracelet is the youngest - and smallest 2mm - beaded bracelet. Delicate and precious, this last piece of our series of four is the most luxurious yet understating addition to any day to after-dark ensemble.

Handcrafted in Italy from 925 sterling silver beads with chain and distinctive branding medallion. Polished silver finish. Limited edition, timeless in your wardrobe.

Adjustable length: 18cm to 20.5cm.


We choose Sterling Silver as our base material, this is an alloy made up of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper, it is way more durable than pure silver alone by far, because 100% silver is soft and tends to deform with time.

You can identify Sterling Silver by the stamp “925” (our gold plated finishing also has this stamp as it is Sterling Silver coated with a thick gold 18-karat layer).

The nature of Sterling Silver is that it can oxidise when it comes into contact with air and therefore Gold plated and Silver jewellery can both be prone to tarnishing. This is not a fault but the nature of the material and can be easily remedied. We recommend gently rubbing your pieces with a specialised jewellery cleaning cloth to restore its shine and keep it looking at its best.

Although it can be tempting, when swimming in salty or chlorinated water make sure you take them off, also before any sweaty activities. This will help keep the metal shine, stones and vetro-crystals looking fabulous. If you do get them wet, clean with mineral water and dry with a clean cloth.

Avoid applying make up removers, creams, body lotions, hairspray or perfume when wearing. But, who can live without these products? Make sure you apply them and let dry before you put your jewellery on to go out In style.

Keep your pieces in its original protective bag when stored away so they sleep well and dream to be back on you soon.

Why we care? Because a handmade piece is different to a mass produced one, at Les Beads, we have committed to select the best quality materials and to work only with specialist suppliers and renowned manufacturers with years of experience in the industry.

They say that practise makes perfect, and that you need 10.000 hours to master any skill, add to that generations of artisan history in the making of jewellery and silversmithing.

We start the process by designing modern pieces that emphasise the simplicity of these wonderful materials and then add our finishing touches in our studio in Valencia before your piece is packed and shipped.

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